Welcome Baddies!

The BadPiper is very excited to announce the launch of the new and improved website.

Designed with a fresh innovative appearance the website has a plethora of features to assist all you baddies in finding music, videos and BadPiper accessories in a user-friendly format.

With improvements throughout, the new website has a greater emphasis on music and bookings, yes Book Now for your next gig, whether it be a corporate event, concert or wedding, The BadPiper has you covered.

From a marketing perspective the new site enables The BadPiper to lead the way in how we communicate with our customers, through regular updates and innovative technology that we are embracing including Facebook.

Please feel free to check out the new website

We hope you enjoy the new site.


5 thoughts on “Welcome Baddies!

  1. I saw you on AGT and have seen every video there is on the net with you in it. I wanted to comment on “badpiper down” you have it made, rich or poor! You have an awesome identity and friends and fans. Please think next time your down that there are people who have it real bad, I grew up hardcore punk, mowhawk at 13 and the lifestyle and my ignorance of any future has left me with a broken body soul and mind, last June my last remaining brother died from heroin and his twin died two years before that, I have a wife and son i can’t provide for and all my old friends are dead or in jail. I just wanted to share my problems so you may feel better about your problems. With that said, I’m a fan and when I get a little extra coin ill be getting your CD, I’ll download nothing of yours for free out of respect. PUNKS NOT DEAD


  2. Thank you, listening to you is great.
    I’m a 62-year-old bike riding, heavy-metal head, who happens to love bagpipe music.

    More than that, I respect someone who becomes a master at what he does.
    You are a master.
    Hope to hear more from you.
    Ottawa, Canada

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